2007 - Photo Sylvain Rocaboy

Laridondé (trad) (CD "an Droug Hirnez")

«It’s always a great moment of pleasure to listen to Yann-Fañch PERROCHES.
The power, purity and delicacy of his playing sends shivers down your spine,
he is truly one of the great diatonic players.»

Accordéon Magazine

Some of my past musical experiences show this:

I founded SKOLVAN, and played in this group for 15 years, before leaving to pursue other musical endeavors.
"The spontaneous music of Skolvan is a festival of punch, swing, humor, emotion and delicacy." Musique Bretonne
"The best Breton music group, and maybe Celtic music group, today." Folkroots

COCKTAIL DIATONIQUE, ensemble of four diatonic accordions whose existence was ephemeral but quite remarkable. This was an innovative move which culminated in concerts and a CD with Richard Galliano.
"The heady blend is always harmonious, frequently clever and sometimes jaw-snapping. This is beautiful, inspiring stuff." Taplas

A TRIO, original and jazzy, with Gildas Boclé (double bass) or Thierry Moreau (cello) and Dom Molard (percussion)
«Yann-Fañch Perroches astounded the listener with a very new conception of music, as witnessed by the music lovers remaining to congratulate him after the concert.» Le Télégramme de Brest

and nowadays in Fiskal Bazar, with Hélène Brunet (guitars, laùd) and Gaëlle Branthomme (cello) and contemporary dancer Patricia Blot

I played improvisational music for a marionnette theaterThe Dragon's Egg»), a show presented entirely in poetry…


I helped found the artistic movement «Ideorealism» with painter Yvonnick Jacquier

I set laments from the Pays Gallo to music, with singer Véronique Bourjot and the group Jolie Vilaine.
"One just has to sit back and bask in this aural beauty. No one should be surprised if Jolie Vilaine turn out to be the strongest influence in Breton music this decade." FolkRoots

And I play music for dancing of course! In DUO with Stéphane Morvan on the wooden flute or Fañch Landreau on the fiddle, in TRIO with CHOUK with Roland Conq or Hélène Brunet.

Le Cleuzioù - 2007 (Photos Patrice)



In 1976, while I was a student in Rennes, for the very first time I saw and heard a diatonic accordion. The following day I bought one!

The following year I lived in England, in Lancashire. There I met Pete Coe and began to seriously learn to play the accordion.

I then returned to Brittany and played in my first festoù-noz (breton ceilis), in solo or in duet with Gilles Derambure.

Begenning in 1981 I was Professor at the « Conservatoire Régional de Musique et Danses Traditionnelles de Bretagne » (known now as "Amzer Nevez"). From 1985 to 1988 I was professor of diatonic accordion at the National School of Music in Lorient.

In 1984, with two other teachers of the conservatoire, Youenn Le Bihan (bombarde and "piston") and Patrice Quéré (fiddle) I founded the group Skolvan. It was the beginning of a 15 year adventure!

In 1991 I founded the group Cocktail Diatonique with Jacques Beauchamp, Ronan Robert and Patrick Lancien.

with Cocktail Diatonique and Richard Galliano at the Festival "Mosaïques", Quimperlé 1993
(photo G. Le Gal)

I waited until 1997 to record my first solo album «an droug hirnez». «An exciting artistic approach» -Trad Magazine

In 1999 I left Skolvan... Painful seperation... But this new freedom allows me to have many musical experiences:

Festival de Cornouaille 96 (Photo Béatrice Le grand)

"trad" in duets with musicians from different horizons: Stéphane Morvan (wooden flute), Fañch Landreau (violin), or in trios Chouk ! and Perroches-Brunet-Hayes,

a short-lived fest-noz group: TÎNTAL: with Dédé Thomas (binioù kozh), Stéphane Morvan (bombard), Frank Le Bloas (bouzouki),Jean-François Roger (percussion)

more "jazzy" in trio concerts, with Thierry Moreau (cello) or Gildas Boclé (doublebass) and Dom Molard (percussion)

Cactus Café. Austin, Texas. Nov. 99 (Photo Kay)

artistic direction of first two CD's by Spontus (2000 and 2002)

the band Jolie Vilaine with singer Véro Bourjot, Vincent Guérin (doublebass), Jean-François Roger (percussion) and Erwan Bérenguer (guitar)

the"Atlantic roads " concert gathering 17 musicians from Ireland, Quebec and Brittany. With Jean Baron and Christian Anneix, Manu Lannhuel, Nicolas Quéméner, Christian Lemaitre, Josephine Marsh, Phil Callery, Bernard Simard, Normand Miron...

composition and improvisation of the music for a theater piece featuring marionnettes and live actor ("le Théâtre Bleu") «the Dragon's egg» and «ma Pomme»

in 2004 the band BELEN, with Scottish, English and Breton female musicians and singers : Mary Macmaster (celtic harp, voice), Jo Freya (sax, clarinet, voice), Brigitte Kloareg (voice), Hélène Brunet (guitar, laùd)

the band la Godinette with Jean Baron and Christian Anneix...

in 2005 Diamik with Gwenael Kivijer (chromatic button accordion), Brigitte Kloareg (voice) and Julian Sutton from Newcastle (diatonic accordion)...

in 2006 creation of Fiskal bazar for concerts, with Hélène Brunet (guitars, laùd) and Gaëlle Branthomme (cello)

in 2007 elaboration of the Katharsis project, putting on stage musicians, painters and sculptors, dancers...

in 2008 the band Cocktail Diatonique is up again! With Ronan Robert and Fañch Loric.

in 2009 booklet and DVD: "Course of diatonic accordion for beginners"
creation of the show "Tzigan stories" with Jeff Michaud

My playing is influenced by traditional Breton accordionists (both diatonic and chromatic) - especially Jean Coatéval and Yves Gac, both recently deceased. Other influences are "sonneurs" (pipers of traditional Breton bagpipe (or binioù) and the Breton bombard) and traditional singers.

Amongst the traditional non-Breton accordionists that I especially enjoy, I would like to name : Serge Desaunay, Ricardo Tesi, John Kirkpatrick, Martin O'Connor, Phil Cunningham, Clifton Chénier, Maria Kalaniemi... and so many others !

Finally, I would like to say how much I admire other styles of music, such as those of Richard Galliano and Astor Piazzola, but also Gus Viseur, speaking of accordion players only, because I also listen to other musicians, from John Coltrane to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and all styles of music, from hard-rock (Led Zeppelin...) to classical (Ravel, Debussy...), jazz (be-bop...), traditional music from all countries (Africa, Asia...) and so many other styles...