an Droug Hirnez

Keltia Musique KMCD 79

Didier Squiban: piano
Gildas Boclé: double-bass
Thierry Moreau : cello
Bernard Le Dréau : saxophones
Dominique Molard : percussions
Stéphane Morvan : wooden flute

"Yann-Fañch Perroches is a true master of his craft. He handles his accordion diatonique with exemplary technique, precision and expressiveness, whether in delicate melodic passages, imaginative improvisation or subtle use of chords. With his first solo recording he's chosen to plough a laid-back, jazzy furrow and aided by some particularly sensitive accompaniment from his chosen session musicians, the results are superb.
An excellent piece of work I've listened to again and again."
Brian Peters. Living Tradition

"Yann-Fañch Perroches is a Breton accordionist whose style evokes hints of jazz and blues as well as traditional idioms. He plays at times like a bandeonist of the Astor Piazzola like adding a personal touch to the most hackneyed of tunes." John O'Regan

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1- Partie de jambes en l'air (gavottes pourlettes) (YF Perroches - trad)
2- Mélodie-Gavotte (trad)
(extract: 1')
3- La Gavotte ! (trad)
4- Tante Fine / Pennherez ar meliner (trad)
Pennherez ar meliner
(extract: 1'20)
5- Gay! Gay! (ridées 6 temps) (trad - J Beauchamp)
Ridées 6 temps
(extract: 1'20)
6- La fille d'un roi français (trad)  
7- An hañv / Laridés (YF Perroches - trad)
8- An droug hirnez (YF Perroches)
an Droug Hirnez
(extract: 2'20)
9- An hini dilezet (trad)
An hini dilezet
(extract: 1')
10- Laridondé (trad)
(extract: 1'10)
11- Les bocals / Ronds de St Vincent (YF Perroches - trad)
12- Jaurès (J Brel)
from famous singer Jacques Brel
(extract: 1')
and an "extra" tune... "Vendredi 13" (YF Perroches)