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Jolie Vilaine

Jolie Vilaine :
"Jardin d'Amour"

Galad G2704183

Véronique Bourjot : voice
Vincent Guérin : double-bass
Erwan Bérenguer : guitar
Jean-François Roger : percussions

"One just has to sit back and bask in this aural beauty.
No one should be surprised if Jolie Vilaine turn out to be
the strongest influence in Breton music this decade."


extract (MP3) :

On est liés (trad)
(duration 2mn 27', 980 ko)

With Fañch Landreau (fiddle)

"Daou ha Daou"
Keltia Musique KMCD 111

"An exceptional, very spare album, an album that will remain timeless because the only 'special effects' are the musicians themselves!" Le Télégramme

"You'll be entranced. For Breton music listeners, this is a joy, but for players in search of tunes, it's essential!" Dirty Linen

On the CD, the scores and tablatures for the tunes played! (CD-Rom)

extracts (MP3):

Ninette (Ronds de St Vincent) (trad) (duration 1mn 15’, 444K, medium quality)

Marches Pourlettes
(trad) (duration 1mn 40’, 657K, medium quality)


"An droug Hirnez"
Keltia Musique KMCD 79

with Gildas Boclé, Didier Squiban, Stéphane Morvan, Dom Molard, Thierry Moreau…

«In the Breton Music genre, this disc is among the most beautiful that I’ve heard in several years. A sumptuous delight.» Le Progrès-Courrier de Cornouaille

extracts (MP3):

Mélodie Gavotte (trad) (duration 1mn 15') High quality (2Mo73) Low quality (525 ko)

Laridondé (trad) (duration 1mn 10', 398K, medium quality)

Cocktail Diatonique

Keltia Musique KMCD 36

4 diatonic accordions for a swing from hell.
Jacques Beauchamp, Y.F. Perroches, Patrick Lancien, Ronan Robert.

Special guest: Richard Galliano!

«Great playing and a nice blend of pyrotechnics and dreamy ambience.»
Folk Roots

extracts (MP3):

Soufflet n'est pas jouet (composition Y.F. Perroches) (duration 1mn 30', 615K, )

Splinn (composition JP Jaguin) (duration 50', 364K, medium quality)

with Skolvan:

Kerzh ba'n dañs
Keltia Musique KMCD 16

"Come to the dance"
Guests: Yann-Fañch Kemener and Marcel Guilloux

«Their playing is impeccable, their rhythm is infectious, their melodies are mesmerizing. The arrangements are fresh and modern, comparable to the best acoustic Irish or Scottish bands.» Dirty Linen

"Swing & Tears"
Keltia Musique KMCD 46

Guests : Yann-Fañch Kemener, Patrick Molard, Jamie McMenemy, Alain Gentil, Pol Huellou, Gabi Kerdoncuff, Marc Steckar...

«A work of immense beauty» John O'Regan.

"Album of the Year" by readers of Trad Magazine
"Album of the Year" by Port Newspaper Diario de Noticias

Fest-Noz live
Keltia Musique KMCD 76

Fest-noz recorded live
With also the Bagad Quimper, Quéré Bros, Baron-Anneix, Annie Ebrel and Nolùen Le Buhez

«It is all compelling stuff with Skolvan outstanding as they would be in any company.» Folk Roots