Groups and solo for concerts or "festoù-noz"


in solo!


Plinn Ton-simpl (comp. A. Thomas - Trad.)

Energy, swing,

A fine musician at dancers' service!

Music from Brittany...
and maybe from somewhere else...


Hélène Brunet : laúd
Nicole Hayes : fiddle


2/3 of this trio is feminine!

Landreau Perroches

Fañch Landreau : fiddle

Ronds de St Vincent (trad.)

Former co-conspirators in the famous group Skolvan, Fañch and Yann-Fañch are back together again in a hell-raising duo!

Be prepared to dance, to listen,
to laugh and to be moved!

"You can listen closely for the subtle interplay,
or you can tap your feet
to some engaging gavottes, waltzes and plinn.
Either way, you'll be entranced"
Dirty Linen

Chouk !

Roland Conq : guitar
Stéphane Morvan : wooden flute

Suite de tours (trad.)

A trio full of freshness and emotion.
Spontaneity, inventiveness, audacity...
all while maintaining respect for and perfect mastery of traditional Breton music.
And also some very special compositions of their own...


in solo!


Boulka (comp. YF Perroches)

An diatonic accordion "naked", no artifices!
Experimental music, sometimes full of virtuosity, always full of emotion...

Fiskal Bazar

Gaëlle Branthomme : cello
Hélène Brunet : laúd, guitara flamenca,
electric guitar

Wedding March (trad.) (extract)
Recorded live at Festival "le Grand Soufflet"

Wltz for Léa (compo JM Petri) - Boulka (compo YF Perroches) (extract)
Recorded live at Amzer Nevez (dec. 2007)

Mélodie Plinn (trad) - Afro-blue (compo Mongo Santamarie) (extract)
Recorded live at Amzer Nevez (dec. 2007)

When gavotte mixes up with flamenco
under John Coltrane's influence…

Casabah (compo Malou Carvou) (extract)
Recorded live at Amzer Nevez (dec. 2007)

Suites des voiles (compo G. Branthomme) (extract)
Recorded live at Amzer Nevez (dec. 2007)

Red locomotive (compo A. Thomas) (extract)
Recorded live at Amzer Nevez (dec. 2007)

Jolie Vilaine

Véronique Bourjot : voice
Erwan Bérenguer : guitar
Vincent Guérin : doublebass
Jean-François Roger : percussions




L'écuyer (trad.)

"Superb lyrics and melodies.
One of the finest voices of Brittany."
Trad Magazine

"One just has to sit back and bask in this aural beauty. (…)
No one should be surprised if Jolie Vilaine turn out to be
the strongest influence in Breton music this decade." FolkRoots

"A powerful emotional performance.
This new and dynamic approach to traditional music firmly rooted
in the east of Brittany has all it takes to win audiences the world over."
Le Télégramme