"Jardin d'Amour"
Galad G2704183
Yann-Fañch Perroches : diatonic accordion
Véronique Bourjot : singing
Vincent Guérin : doublebass
Erwan Bérenguer : guitar
Jean-François Roger : percussions

"Superb lyrics and melodies. One of the finest voices of Brittany." Trad Magazine

"A magnificent voice backed by powerful yet simple arrangements
make for a subtle and joyful performance: Jolie Vilaine has it all."

"One just has to sit back and bask in this aural beauty.
No one should be surprised if Jolie Vilaine turn out to be
the strongest influence in Breton music this decade."

"If you are interested in the Breton musical tradition, this is a chance to see its Cinderella,
the Pays Gallo, regains its right to feel Breton but speak French and this is an interesting story.
If you like jazz, this record offer long hours of concentration
as you decipher all the little nuances exhibited in the chord changes.
If you are more interested in the wilder, rockier side of the Breton scene
then you might want to find something with more angst.
These musicians have no axes to grind, no rage to express, only love in its many guises."

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1- La mariée (trad) 3'57
Song "to make the bride cry"

La mariée
(extract : 1')

2- Pierre et Jean (trad)
Dances: "ridées 6 temps". Who dances better? Peter or John?
Pierre et Jean
(extract : 2')

3- Les oranges - Ma commère ma mie (trad)
A man hairy as an old cat...
and something impossible!


4- On est liés (Pilé-menu) (trad.)
An other dance. "The big "yes!" is uttered"

On est liés
(extract : 1'16)
5- Le manteau (trad)
A song in which girls turn out to be more clever than boys...

Le manteau
(extract : 2')

6-Boulka (comp. YF Perroches - V. Guérin)
"A Breton bourrée with Galician influences". With peanuts!
(extract : 50'')
7- Le mois de mai (trad)
A quest song for the first of May: "Give us the maid!"
Le mois de mai
(extract : 1'10)
8- Menejoù (comp YF Perroches)
9- Jardin d'amour (trad)
An instrumental tune and a love song. Accompagnied by the birds of Spring.

Menejoù - Jardin d'amour
(extract : 3'30)

10- Servante (trad)
"Master, it's your wine that made me gallant!"
11- De bon matin (trad)
An other love song...
De bon matin
(extract : 1'10)

12- L'écuyer (trad)
A girl leaves her parents to follow a rider... She should never have

(extract : 1'18)
13- Je m'y moque - la mer vaguante (trad)
A flighty boy... and a impossible love

Je m'y moque - la mer vaguante
(extract : 2')

14- C'est entre nous les jeunes filles (trad)
One of the most famous tour (a dance)
C'est entre nous
(extract : 2')